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Estate planning and probate can be difficult to navigate. At the Law Office of Denise Norman, our team stands ready to work with you to create an effective and legally sound trust. Our Conroe estate planning lawyer will work with you to determine what type of trust would be best for you and your family or business. Having a trust can expedite or bypass the probate process, and ensure that assets and property are fully taken care of in the event that you are no longer able to manage them.

If you are interested in establishing a trust, call (936) 246-2020. We can advise you of your options and proudly help clients throughout Conroe, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas.

What Trust Is Right for You?trusts lawyer in Montgomery County

When you start researching trusts, you may feel overwhelmed with all the different types of trusts that may be available to you, but when you work with our firm, we will help you determine which may be most effective for your needs.

There are numerous types of trusts available, but each trust names beneficiaries, establishes what assets are being placed into the trust, and who is appointed to manage the trust upon your passing. Trusts can be living trusts or revocable trusts, depending on your unique needs.

Commonly established trusts include:

  • Trusts for minors, which can address property passed to minors, and help ensure that assets gifted to them avoid the probate process. Directives for the funds can also be written into the trust.
  • Marital trusts help pass inheritance to living spouses and can help expedite or avoid the probate process. Property, taxes, finances, and debts can all be addressed in a trust.

Establishing a Trust to Address Your Needs

Trusts can be established for personal use or for a business, but each trust must be drafted by an experienced and qualified attorney. If you are considering drafting a trust, modifying an existing portion of a trust, or contested a portion of a trust, do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Denise Norman right away. We serve Conroe and the surrounding areas.

Call (936) 246-2020 today for your consultation. We are standing by to see how we can help.

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