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If your former spouse or partner is not following the stipulations laid out in a court order, you are not without options. If a person is found to be in contempt of a court order, he or she may be subject to certain penalties, including fines and/or jail time. Our Conroe family law attorney can help you with the enforcement of court orders, including those involving child support, child custody or visitation, and property division after divorce. We offer compassionate, personalized legal services tailored to your unique circumstances. Our firm is here to help you clearly understand your legal options and take action.

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When Can You File a Motion for Contempt?

The first and most important element of enforcing a court order through contempt is determining whether or not the court order uses what is known as “command language” or, in other words, direct and specific language that is not up to interpretation. If a court order does not use command language, it cannot be enforced through contempt. However, the court can make changes to make the order more clear. If an order is enforceable, you may file a motion for contempt.

Typically, once you have filed a motion for contempt, the following will occur:

  • A hearing will be scheduled
  • Your former spouse/partner will be properly served with notice to appear
  • You and your former spouse/partner will attend the hearing
  • You will have to show that your former spouse/partner is in violation of the court order
  • The judge will make a ruling based on evidence presented at the hearing
  • If the other spouse/partner is found to be in contempt, he or she may face penalties

This is simply an example of how contempt proceedings usually occur—every situation is different and your unique circumstances may result in a somewhat different process. It’s also important to note that penalties for being found in contempt of a court order can vary greatly and may include anything from fines to court-ordered liens to jail time.

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