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Can a Child Support or Custody Agreement Be Changed in Texas?

During a divorce, one of the things parents must agree on is how their child or children will be raised—where they will live, who will pay for what, and how often each parent will be able to see them. If parents cannot agree, a judge will rule on child support, custody, and visitation. However, things change and child support and custody agreements that made sense at the time of the divorce may no longer be the best option.

Child support and custody orders can be changed through a process called modification. Modification is exactly what it sounds like: the process of modifying a previously instated child support, custody, or visitation agreement. To discuss your situation with a modification attorney in Conroe, reach out to the Law Office of Denise Norman today. We have an in-depth understanding of complex Texas family laws and can help you clearly understand your options.

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How Does the Court Decide on Modifications?

Though it is possible to modify a child support or custody order, the process is not intended to accommodate parents who no longer wish to pay child support or those who want to alter a custody agreement for any reason. In fact, there are several factors the court will look at when deciding on whether to make a modification.

Some of the things the court will look at include:

  • Whether or not the circumstances of either or both parents have substantially changed
  • If a certain part of the original order/agreement is no longer appropriate or doable
  • Whether or not one of the parents has moved without providing the required 60 days’ notice

In order to successfully modify a child support order or custody agreement, you must show that one of these things have occurred. Examples of a considerable change in circumstances could include one parent remarrying, obtaining or losing a job, or falling ill.

How Often Can Child Support be Modified in Texas?

Child support in Texas can be modified either every three years or when there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • Three years has passed since the original child support order:

Someone does not have the right to request a modification just because the order is three years of age. For there to be a request for a change in amount, the statutory child support guidelines must occur. Once applied, it must show more than 20% additional income or $100 from the amount that would be awarded.

  • Material and substantial change in circumstances:

Should any of the material and substantial changes occur, you have the right to petition for child support modification. In other words, if you have landed a large sum of money, be prepared to modify your child support.

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The modification process can be complex and generally requires that you prove why a modification should be made. It is also important to remember that, as with all legal issues relating to children, the court will always favor what it deems the best interests of the child. It’s wise to seek trusted legal counsel from an experienced modification lawyer serving Conroe, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas. Our attorney can help you navigate the process from start to finish, offering personalized, compassionate guidance and tireless representation every step of the way.

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